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Harmony Music Boxes carries a wide variety of quality REUGE Music Boxes ranging from 36-note to 144-note models.

REUGE AXA.36.2488.001 Music Box REUGE AXA.72.4680.000 Music Box REUGE AXA.14.8059.000 Music Box REUGE AXA.36.2488.000 Music Box

Since 1865, REUGE has been creating luxury musical movements and music box designs. REUGE has maintained the same high-quality hand-crafted, old-world craftsmanship while taking advantage of 21st century innovation. Today, REUGE music boxes hold the enviable position as one of the world’s highest quality manufacturers of handcrafted music boxes.

REUGE offers a truly comprehensive choice of musical objets d'art music boxes, singing birds, precision timepieces, musical automata and limited editions. The manufacture of each unique piece involves age-old craftsmanship dating back 150 years, while utilizing the latest technology.

REUGE is the only company in the world of music boxes that offers a complete range of musical movements, all entirely made and assembled in Sainte-Croix, Switzerland. The music box designs created by REUGE range from the very traditional, Sorrento-style inlay to art deco, avant-garde, and the innovative modern iREUGE.

REUGE has developed many innovative designs responding to ever-changing market demands. Every REUGE piece combines an aesthetically pleasing design with a Swiss precision movement, be it musical, timepiece or a mechanical singing bird.

Take a moment to look over the exquisite designs of REUGE music boxes by clicking on the movements below:

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