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About Harmony Music Boxes Harmony Music Boxes has provided musical enjoyment and quality music boxes for years and continues to do so in both service and selection.
Harmony Music Boxes' Tuxedo Presentation Every music box order within the immediate Omaha NE area will be personally delivered by our staff in formal Tuxedo attire.
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Creating Musical Memories!

Harmony Music Boxes is your personal shop for music boxes. We are in the Music Box business because we personally love the beauty and sound of heirloom quality music boxes, and we look forward to helping you create musical memories for those special people in your personal and professional lives.

Through the years, Harmony Music Boxes has continually defined our product line, and now focuses on the larger note music boxes (30/36-note, 50/72-note, 144-note movements) for superior sound quality and music box designs.

Our product lines include Reuge Music Boxes, whose Swiss craftsmanship and precision musical movements have made lasting impressions over their 140 year history. Whether it be the classic line, the contemporary line, or the studio line, the precision music boxes from Reuge invite the discriminating shopper to select a music box that reflects a lasting tradition of beauty and quality: limited editions, interchangeable cartel movements, singing bird automata, musical pocket watches, etc.

Please view our music box product lines, Reuge, Sankyo, Porter. Click on the boxes at the right for design description, tune list, and pricing. We would be happy to help you with any questions you have, and when you're ready to place your music box order please send us an email or give us a phone call. Thank you and "Welcome to the world of Harmony Music Boxes!"


Click below for descriptions and pricing information on our selection of music boxes.

Reuge :: The art of mechanical music
Sankyo Music Boxes
Porter Music Boxes
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